Freestyle outdoor pissing

February 29th, 2012

Hot Pissing

If you adore outdoor pissing you just can’t miss these awesome videos with cute amateur honey squatting down with no panties on and emptying her bladder in front of shiny metal garage doors. She is alert looking around for casual pissing witnesses cuz doing her thing in the open makes her extremely excited when chances are she might get caught.

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Pissing in the corner

January 30th, 2012

Hot Pissing

Cutie in short summer dress and high-heel shoes corners herself for some hot pissing outdoors. Her bursting bladder needs to be unloaded asap and she just squats down, leans against the walls and takes a leak showering the granite blocks in front of her with sparkling golden spurt. She doesn’t forget to spread her pussy lips with her fingers giving some awesome views of her gushing pink slit and keeping it from getting too wet during this sweet outdoor pissing act.

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Naked pissing in a grove

December 30th, 2011

Hot Pissing

Check out this naked amateur cutie satisfying her pissing urge in a shady grove with her back pressed against the tree. The sun, the warm wind, the green leafs and grass around her – it all makes this pissing experience a really special and memorable one. She didn’t even have to drink much or hold it for too long – the golden stream just started gushing out of her pussy like a happy little waterfall. Amazing!

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Nude pissing in a kitchen

November 30th, 2011

Hot Pissing

This attractive blonde housewife has a special treat for all y’all pissing connoisseurs getting naked in her own kitchen, dropping down on her knees and peeing right on the floor. Just check out that beautiful shaved twat with golden stream gushing out like a little fountain, showering the tiles and leaving drops of hot pee on this lady’s thighs. Naked beauty pissing on the kitchen floor is just what you need to make your day if you adore the act like they do at Hot Pissing!

Autumn road pissing

October 30th, 2011

Hot pissing

October pissing in the middle of the road – it ain’t getting much better than that with this sweet amateur squatting down in the open to relieve herself on a great sunny day. She gives a few breathtaking close-ups of her pussy, a picture that would make any erotic fantasy even more pleasant and unforgettable for any outdoor pissing fan.

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Sporty blonde pissing outdoors

October 15th, 2011

Hot pissing

When the guys from Hot Pissing approached this beautiful blonde right on the street with a modeling job offer she quickly agreed for a test session. They started with a few warmup takes and soon had her flashing her tiny panties with no hesitation. A few minutes later her pissing urge kicked in and she ended up shamelessly taking a leak in front of the camera and wetting the ground with her sparkling golden juice.

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Tina Pisses On A Tree Stump!

May 18th, 2011

Tina has always loved peeing outdoors, her first boyfriend used to take her camping all the time and she always got such a thrill out of pissing out in the open. Tina hadn’t found a way to piss out in the open since then, at least not with such a thrill. Sure she could go out and piss anytime she wanted but it just wasn’t the same without other people watching and she couldn’t exactly just pick someone at random to come and watch her take a piss!  Well one day a few weeks ago Tina convinced one of her friends to go hiking with her and she knew it was the perfect opportunity to have him watch her piss.

Tina didn’t say anything to her friend, she simply found a place to piss and went over and started pissing. Her friend didn’t know where to look but when he saw her start pissing he couldn’t stop watching her. Each drop of pee that trickled out of her pussy made her hornier than ever and as she watched him watching her with his fat cock getting harder and harder she wanted nothing more than to fuck him!

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Sophia Takes A Piss In The Tub

May 3rd, 2011

Sophia is one kinky babe and when a guy she had just started seeing suggested that they try investigating a few fetishes she couldn’t say no. Sophia is the type of babe who will try anything as long as it guarantees that she winds up getting her tight slit pounded so everything that her boyfriend suggested she was up for trying. One night though Sophie wound up getting in to quite a few different things at once but it all made her feel so amazing that she just couldn’t stop herself!

The night started when she wanted to fuck with her stockings on but her fuck buddy asked her to get them wet so as she stood in the shower getting her stockings wet she told him that she had to take a piss. He begged her to piss right there in the tub so he could see her pissing and with a grin she squatted over the tub and started to take a piss! As she pissed she saw her fuck buddy’s cock getting harder and harder and soon that fat cock was out and begging to fuck her piss covered pussy! The more she pissed the more excited he got!

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Melanie Takes A Piss In The Park

April 18th, 2011

Melanie was supposed to be meeting up with some of her friends at the park, they had all agreed to skip class and meet up for a day at the park instead. As Melanie got there, however, she was afraid that no one else would show up because she was the only one there with the exception of a few strangers. As Melanie sat on a swing she waited for her friends to show up but when they didn’t show up after thirty minutes she started to get pretty desperate to take a piss.

The longer she waited the more desperate she became and finally she decided that she was just going to have to piss regardless. As she sat on the very edge of the swing she looked around to make sure that she wouldn’t get caught and then she started to pee. As she pissed that golden arch hit the sand with a splash and soon Melanie was sitting over a puddle of piss!

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Ellie Pisses In A Field

April 3rd, 2011

Ellie had signed up at the local college to help one of the film classes with their projects. She had heard that it was a great way to make a few extra bucks and she could certainly always use a few extra dollars! When one of the students called her and asked her to meet him out in a field behind the college to help with one of his movie scenes Ellie was pretty excited. She loved the idea of being famous and she couldn’t wait to get started on her film career.

When Ellie showed up in her sexy dress she knew that something a little strange was going on when she and the student were the only ones there but when he told her that he would pay her $200 for the scene she couldn’t resist. As he started to direct her in what she would have to do Ellie realized that this was more of a recreational project, this kinky nineteen year old loved to see girls pissing their pants and he wanted to film her squatting in a field with piss dripping from her tight wet hole!

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